Welcome to Courtiestown Marine - Home of the UK's No.1 battery desulfator (desulphator)/ pulser and solar powered battery chargers. We also supply parts in support of various electrolyser/ hydroxy gas projects and most recently Multi-Contact MC4 plugs/ leads for connecting solar panels and a range of Steca Solsum/ Solarix products.

Visit Classic and Sportscar.

We have now added the Steca Solsum (6.6F/ 8.8F/ 10.10F) and Steca Solarix (PRS1010/ PRS1515/ PRS2020 & PRS3030) ranges of solar battery charge controllers to the range of products we sell and are now selling a 3 x 2W (6W) dimmable LED GU10 lamp which can fit as a direct replacment for a 50W halogen. We are now examining a prototype 6-24V PIC based desulphator device.LVC Desulphator under test

We have recently re-introduced selling our Bedini pattern trifilar coil - check the Bedini section on the Shop page.

In a break from our usual range of products we're looking to sell an AM medium wave radio kit based on the TA7624 IC (susbstitue for the old ZN414/ MK484). This will come complete with all parts from a battery holder, variable capacitor, 10:1 ratio drive, custom PCB, ferrite rod, copper wire, components etc to allow you to build a fully working AM medium wave radio. All you need to do is build it and provide a pair of headphones.

As of 27/12/10 TSW Charger under test we are satisfied that we have a working prototype charging/ recovery system based on the Tesla/ Ronald Brandt Switch concept (frequently associated with the work of John Bedini). The version shown is a 'low' power version designed to work off a 100W PV solar panel or 5A current limited PSU. We are now selling PCB based kits and built PCB's allowing customers to see how this device performs for themselves. We are satisfied it outperforms other more expensively available devices. It is our aim to move to selling a ready boxed unit as well as developing the higher powered 15A or 300W PV panel model along with a range of power supplies to suit. Check out (TSW Charger)

In conjunction with Dave Lawton himself we are happy to advise that we have a working Phase Lock Loop PCB and a working boxed device. We are now able to supply PCB's, a complete PCB kit and a complete boxed kit to allow you to build a working Dave Lawton Phase Lock Loop (PLL) device. Please check our Electrolyser page (Electrolyser) for pictures and further information of where we are so far. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

As a part of our continuing effort to expand the range of products we sell we are now able to offer a small range of genuine Multi-Contact MC4 connectors and cabling for connecting up your PV solar panels and can make cables to order. We are also supplying a cheaper Chinese sourced pattern MC4 connectors (these are not entirely compatible with the the genuine article). Additionally we are also supplying a Kraus & Naimer Solar Panel DC disconnect isolator switch. Please check our Shop Page (SHOP) for details and/ or contact us direct with enquiries for custom made cables.

We are currently have the 'correct' pattern barium ferrite magnets to enable you to achieve a more accurate replication of a Bedini-Kromrey Converter as detailed in the DVD EFTV Pt. 10. (Additionally they could be used in a replication of an MRA or Magnetic Resonance Amplifier). We have had these especially made to order. These magnets are made from pure barium ferrite and not a barium/ strontium mix as is common nowadays, we belive this material is consistent with that available at the time and a detail of the original device little known. Please check out the Shop (SHOP) page for pricing.

We currently have a number of modified 18ACR Stan Meyer pattern alternators in stock. This alternator has had the diode pack removed and has an unregulated three phase output. When driven by a suitable source these can be used in driving a Stan Meyer pattern cell as tested by Scott Cramton.DC Motor driven alternator

We still have a number of HHO/ Hydroxy Gas/ Booster device along the lines of the widely known Smack Booster. This device will be UK made and as per the adjacent photo. Booster

We are continuing to sell a range of kits/ parts (parts sourced as per Bob Boyce's recommendations) to facilitate those interested in building Bob Boyce PWM3G based PCB's (Peswiki) along with toroids. Check out the Shop (SHOP) page for progress.

We supply a range of parts to support building of the Stan Meyer/ Dave Lawton electrolyser and have secured an exclusive agreement with Dave to supply the approved electronics to support this project.

We are still selling parts to facilitate the building of the 'new' Stan Meyer cell contained in Patrick Kelly's latest Chapter10 document detailing the device previoulsy built and tested by Scott Cramton. Check out our Shop (SHOP) page for progress and also some pictures on the Electrolyser page (Electrolyser)

Dave Lawton Unit

Finally we can supply almost any part you could want to pursue the work of John Bedini. As this picture shows we are now supplying a pre-wound trifilar coil.

Bedini Coil

More information can be found by seeking out Patrick Kelly's excellent Chapter10.pdf http://www.free-energy-info.co.uk/Chapter10.pdf

If you can't see a part you wish for any Bedini/ Bob Boyce or Dave Lawton then contact us and we'll see what we can do, we're here to help.

If you have questions about these new lines or any of our existing pulsers then click on the link at the bottom of the page.

We hope you will find it this site's content informative. As of November 2010 we are continuing to expand the range of products we sell and will be modifiying the site content accordingly. Rest assured we will continue to market our range of proven 'pulsers'.

Our battery desulfators (desulphators?)/ pulsers can be used as part of a lead acid battery maintenance/ equalizer/ recovery system in conjunction with conventional battery chargers (or any other method of charging batteries) to prevent premature problems or failure of battery cells, the most common cause being a build up of sulfate (sulphate). They can be used to prevent dead or flat batteries in your classic car, boat etc.

We can also supply EDTA.

The automotive magazine Classic & Sportscar tested our 'High Power' pulser in March 2005 and awarded it a 'Budget Choice' nomination. Additionally we can now report that trials of the PIC based and existing High Power Pulser conducted by Don Plisco in the USA were concluded with both devices being highly recommended having beaten the opposition 'hands down'. See the Battery Desulfator page (Battery Desulfator) for further information.

One more than satisfied customer was quoted as saying "It would seem that it does its job exceedingly well." and another "Just an update on my desulphating activities..........just to prove that desulphators actually do work. I've successfully brought back from the dead a 110AHr leisure battery. (prior to treatment).... Within a couple of hours, after being charged for 24hours, it would collapse to 10.3V o.c. After a week on and off the desulphator, it now will run three 16W fluorescent lights, a 300W inverter running a laptop and run the shower-pump and fresh-water pump when required before fading away after about 5 hours. - It doesn't all add up to 110AH, true, but it's a long way better than it was......So to sum up. Yes it really does work! As promised I'll spread the word. Best regards,"

Prospective customers might like to compare our worldwide, inclusive of postage, prices against some of our competitors!!

Basic KitBasic Kit builtHigh Power KitHigh Power Kit builtReady Built HPTop end device
Don Denhardt$42.00$67.00$62.00$87.00

All our units are now supplied with reverse polarity protection and, in the case of the PIC based pulsers, thermal cut-out protection as well. This means the curse of the simple battery desulfator has now been overcome and you can connect it wrongly safe in the knowledge it has only cost you a fuse!! A great peace of mind addition.

Thus our devices are now supported by both Classic and SportsCar, the results of Don's tests above and, in some cases, by repeat customer orders. Thus dare we say you can read about the rest but if you want a proven pulser desulfator/ desulphator that does what it says then buy one from us safe in the knowledge it WILL desulphate (desulfate) your batteries.

PIC Pulser

As a result of enquiries about buying PCB's for the existing kits i.e. Basic and 'High Power' we have now added the option to buy the PCB only to the Shop (SHOP) page. Similarly with the PIC based device we will be offering a stripped down kit consisting of just the PCB, PIC and inductors and the schematic. It will be down to the user to source all the remaining parts and at their own risk.

The previously available 'special introductory offer' on the PIC pulser has now been extended, see details on the Shop (SHOP) page.

In support of this new PIC based pulser we have set-up a Yahoo chat group which you can check out at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/randrdesulfatorforum/

We can offer the fully built devices both with and without the cast brass battery terminals/ crocodile clips to customer requirements. This may be of particular interest to overseas customers as it offers a saving in both cost and postage. For details on this and any other particular requirements please feel free to contact us.

Most recently we have been fielding a number of enquiries about 24V devices. We can now supply a 24V Basic and 'High Power' Pulser, development work on a 24V PIC pulser is currently ongoing.

Other devices we are looking towards developing are a battery capacity tester, a pulse charger/ demosser unit and possibly a unit to work in conjunction with such as solar panels to recharge batteries.

Other areas I'm investigating include the work of John Bedini and Bob Boyce.

The Bedini page (Bedini) shows some of the Bedini devices I have built in the last 4 years and recent evolutions of his devices do seem to hold promise of providing the means to develop useful amounts of power from batteries and allow independence from the grid. I will be posting pictures relating to my more recent investigations of the work of Bob Boyce shortly.

The electret charging system (Electret) may provide an alternative source of simple battery charging for any number of uses, again independent of the grid.

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