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Restoring batteries is what we’re about or, more accurately, where we started and specifically conventional flooded lead acid types.

Restoring batteries do we hear you say, yes it is possible, provided some simple rules are followed. Check out our ‘Battery Sulphation’ (sulfation for our overseas customers) page below.

We sell a range of products, these range from simple electronic desulphation (desulfation for our overseas customers) and TSW solar battery charger kits for the keen DIY’er to professionally manufactured photovoltaic panel powered solar battery charger/ regulator products from Steca.

In addition we offer a small range of genuine Multi-Contact (MC)  MC4 Solar PV connectors and double insulated cable, K&N DC Isolators in addition to some Chinese PV connectors.

Most recently we have branched out to supplying a range of energy saving GU10 high power LED lamp/ bulbs (6W Cool White and 10W Cool White/ Warm White) ideally suited as halogen replacements.

We also supply parts in support of people researching hydroxy gas electrolysers including those by Dave Lawton (based on the work of Stan Meyer) and those by Bob Boyce based around his PWM3G PCB and Ed Holdgate’s Bob Boyce pattern electrolyser tank.

Finally we supply a range of electronic parts in support of Bedini energisers, both fixed and rotary, in addition to selling a range of other electronic parts.

If you don’t see something here you think we should consider supplying then please contact us.

Arange of items to support Dave Lawton/ Bob Boyce projects

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LED Lamps
Energy efficient replacement lamps

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Solar Battery Charging
A range of products for solar charging of your caravan/ motorhome/ boat etc. batteries

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Battery Sulphation
What is it and what our products can do to help you avoid it.

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