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Dave Lawton PCB

This picture shows a part populated prototype Dave Lawton PCB under construction.

Pulser PCB

Bare unpopulated Pulser PCB.

24V High Power

The prototype PCB 'unpopulated'. This 'production' version PCB shows a 24V 'High Power device.


The Bare PIC, a picture below shows a populated version.

Ready-built high power pulsar

Here you see one of former cased 'High Power' Pulser fitted with the Peak Detector option connected to a small lead acid battery used in the 'workshop'. We no longer market the Peak Detector option.

The meter shown is one as advertised for sale on the Prices page.


Although this should maybe appear on the Bedini page this picture shows a PCB we manufacture to simplify building the circuit shown on P.46 of the Bearden/ Bedini Free Energy book.

This version allows the use of a larger transistor (MJL21194) than the BD243C and a 2N3584 in place of the 2N3440.

Pulser c/w crocodile clips

Although this picture shows a former cased version, the crocodile clips remain unchanged.

Prototype PIC Pulser

A close up of a prototype PIC Pulser undergoing testing

An overview of the final PIC prototype

An overview of the final PIC prototype c/w output reverse polarity protection, zener protection to the MOSFET gate drive circuitry and thermistor overheat protection.

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