Dave Lawton & Bob Boyce Pattern Electrolysers

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A few weeks ago we received an enquiry from a potential customer who had been speaking to Dave Lawton about his Phase Lock Loop circuit that appears in Patrick Kelly's excellent Chapter10.pdf http://www.free-energy-info.co.uk/Chapter10.pdf. In the current version it is on p.46 (22/02/10).

I was aware that Dave had worked on such a curcuit but not that it was in the public domain so after a converstion with Dave himself we set about designing a prototype PCBOverview of PLL PCB in box. The actual design of this took a little longer than hoped as we were also developing some other prototype PCB's but as you can see from these pictures we now have a prototype unit built and under test.

This unit along with the second PCB were sent down to Dave himself circa 25th February 2010 for checking over and to allow some thought to be given to making the unit more flexible for use with such as Stan Meyer VIC unit and also reference mounting the MOSFET externally to a heatsink to allow for higher power usage if required.

As of 13th March 2010 I can report that the stand alone PCB is working OK with only the one correction required to the PCB itself. I have now gone ahead and ordered a run of 25off PCB's which should be available for sale through our Shop page (Shop) about March 31st 2010 at a price yet to finalised.

The second prototype PCB in the boxed unit shown here is still undergoing test. Following discussions with Dave the sense inputs will come out via seperate terminals (in the prototype they are connected directly to the output terminals). I decided to fit multi-turn pots to the case (as the 2off PCB mounted trimmers obviously wouldn't be accessible). The largest value multi-turn pots are 100k so it has been necessary to fit a DPDT switch and use a fixed 100k resistor on one to get the required 200k range.

It is difficult to fix a price for a built unit as we have no idea as to demand and thus in what quantity to 'bulk' purchase components. Any potential customers are asked to contact us direct. The price for a fully built unit is likely to be in the £125 region with a kit to build a boxed unit around the £90 mark.

This photo shows the unit actually on test with my somewhat delapidated but still functional Dave Lawton pattern copy of the Stan Meyer cell Overwview of PLL unit under test

The prototype unit is sat on top of a fixed 13.7V DC supply and if you look carefully you can see the meter is showing just under 1A of current and the cell is bubbling away to itself in the background.

There was no user interaction from myself. I just plugged the DC supply into the PLL unit, connected the cell and switched the power on.

The next four images are of our newest line of parts to promote what we are calling the 'Scott Cramton' pattern Stan Meyer electrolyser cell.

Overview of Scott Cramton cell

This is the overall view of the acrylic tube, HDPE end plates and stainless steel fixings.

Sealing Gasket

Close up view showing 1.5mm neoprene gasket in place.

Top View

This is a close up of the top of the cell showing securing arrangements.

Scott Cramton Mounting Plates

This is a mounting plate to hold 9off 3/4" tubes in the Scott Cramton pattern cell.

There has been increasing interest in the work of both Dave Lawton (investigating the work of Stan Meyer) and Bob Boyce's work on his 101 plate electrolyser device due to coverage on the web and through the sterling work of Patrick Kelly through his invaluable documents D9.pdf and D14.pdf.

Bare Core

This is the genuine Micrometal T650-52 core.

IP802YE Tape

A bag containing 5 rolls of the recommended IP802YE tape from Lodestone Pacific.

500gm Beeswax

A block of beeswax to seal the wire in place on the toroid.

First Toroid to be built

This is the protoype version of our toroid, it needs rebuilding as we now know we used glass tape instead of the IP802YE specified by Bob and the primaries need moving around 60 degrees.


This is a genuine Bob Boyce manufactured PCB.

101 Plate

This is our Ed Holdgate boxed 101 plate electrolyser. At the time this photo was taken the slotted inserts need removing and sealing in place with Sikaflex 192.

Seperate Tubes

This shows a pair of the 6" long 20SWG 316L grade seamless tubes, one is 1" OD and the other 3/4" OD as per the D14.pdf

Concentric Tubes

This shows a pair of the 6" long tubes one within the other.

DL Tube

This is the acrylic tube c/w screwed end covers we supply to enable people to replicate Dave Lawton's device.

EFIE Boxed

This is the prototype EFIE unit in its box.

Rough Cut plate

This is the prototype DL cell tube mounting plate for the 6 tube 110mm device. The plate is supplied roughly cut out allowing the customer to shape it to fit the tube. The actual tube mounting holes are a tight fir for the tube.

Bare plate in tube

This is the 2nd prototype DL cell tube mounting plate for the 6 tube 110mm device. This plate has been cut using a hole cutter and again needs trimming/ adjusting to be a tight fit in the tube.

Please feel free to make enquiries about any of the parts/ devices above, we aim to source any and every part required.

Check our Shop page for the range of parts we're currently selling for both devices.

We will post more appropriate pictures and information on a continuous basis.

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