TSW Charger

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This device has been developed by a couple of colleagues and essentially comes in two forms.

The first picture shown here is an experimental PCB with the bare essentials of a working system allowing the end user to utilise the device in whatever system they want.OTG-CML 5A PCB

The PCB is available ready built up or as a kit or we sell a completely boxed unit with input/ output terminals as shown in the second picture. OTG-CML 5A Charger

More information can be obtained by reading the instructions available in our kit instructions which is a document entitled OTG-CML TSW Charger Kit Instructions at (Documents).

The third pictures shows a more 'ready to go' derivative of the TSW charger which is still 'experimental' but is 12 and 24V capable. It is fitted with 20,000uF of input capacitor and is fitted with a reverse polarity facility (including a fuse) like our desulphators. It is available as a kit or as a built up PCB as shown.12-24V TSW

The fourth picture shows a prototype 12/ 24V model. This version will be fitted to allow the unit to be driven by a laptop type power supply for 12V batteries and a power supply of the buyer's choosing for 24V battery charging in addition to 'normal' solar panel charging.Internal View

These items are available for sale through our Shop page (SHOP), some item prices have yet to finalised.

Please feel free to make enquiries about the above products.

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