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12V LVC Basic Kit

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12V Basic LVC Desulphator Kit

12V LVC Basic Kit

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Fed up with sulfated batteries? Handy with a soldering iron?

We are currently rationalising our product range and have taken the opportunity to bring the price of our baseline product down. Our standard Basic device comes with all the necessary components to turn it into a low voltage cut-out (LVC) unit. This is a variation on our standard device which will automatically stop working when the battery voltage drops to 12.4V, thus you can leave it connected to a battery without needing to remember to disconnect it.

If you don't want the LVC functionality simply don't fit the additional components. The main aim of LVC feature is for where the device is likely to be left unattended where the charging system may fail allowing you to be sure that the desulphator won’t deeply discharge the battery.

Buy a kit of parts based on Alastair Couper's original schematic which came out in the HomePower magazine in 2000 (HomePower Article) design and is a part of the range reviewed by Classic & Sports Car magazine which won a budget choice nomination.
We use alternate inductors and some changed resistor values to take maximum advantage of the alternate inductors used. The 555 part of the circuit also has some additional protection over the original design with the inclusion of a zener diode.

When built this will give you a fully working desulfator on a PCB. You will need to provide the case to put it in and some output leads.

Please note there is now a 'Case Kit' providing you with all the parts to complete a fully boxed desulfator device.

The device (which consumes around 100mA) needs to be used in conjunction with a conventional battery charger or even a solar panel based charge system and is aimed at batteries up to a standard car sized ones circa 15-17kg (33-37 1/2lbs). We need to draw your attention to the fact that the pulse energy from a desulfator can damage some charging systems and you may need to incorporate ferrite beads or toroids in the charging cabling (again we sell suitable toroids on this site).

The device comes with integral reverse polarity protection meaning if you hook it up back to front the unit simply 'shuts down' and you disconnect and hook it the right way around.

Desulfators work best on conventional flooded lead acid type batteries. They will work on sealed or maintenance free types but be aware the main cause of failure of this type of battery is the electrolyte drying out and no amount of desulfating will cure this. Equally a shorted battery is a shorted battery and a desulfator won't cure this either. Please note that we draw your attention to this unlike some of competitors.

We do not advocate using these devices permanently attached to working vehicles.

For more information check out - Battery Sulfation.

Kit instructions supplied/ available from our web site - Instructions

Put an end to sulfated batteries with a proven solution. Be aware some other products may not do as they say.


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