LED Lamps

When we had our kitchen refitted in our 1859 Aberdeenshire farmhouse, Kate was determined we were going to have ceiling mounted lighting/ downlighters and I was equally determined that this would be of an energy efficient form.

This was three years ago and finding effective LED lamps was actually quite difficult and our search revealed there were only 3 lamps worth bothering with, the cheapest was £18 a piece and the most expensive £35. After two years I can tell you that the ones from www.besthongkong.com, (the mid priced at $43), burn out.

The availability and prices have come down, but the bottom line, like our American cousins say about car engine size, there is no substitute for cubic inches and so it is with LED light levels.

If you want something approaching proper light levels like you would get from conventional but power hungry halogens then you need a minimum 6W LED lamp. Our 10W lamp is more than a match for any 50W halogen.

The 6W will fit almost any downlighter fitting including fireproof ones.

The 10W ones are 80mm long and will need more careful selection of fittings although open backed ones won’t pose a problem. They have a fairly substantial bit of metal in their construction acting as a heatsink which, like the Philips models, should add to their longevity.

Technical details are available when you click on each item by accessing the ‘Documentation’ tab.