Solar Battery Charging

We offer two ranges of manufactured products from Steca aimed at charging batteries from solar PV panels.

These are the Steca Solsum and Solarix PRS solar charge controllers. Datasheets for each are available from the individual product ‘page’ under the ‘Documentation’ tab.

They are both designed to operate on 12 or 24V battery systems and auto-detect which they are attached to.

The Solsum range are available in 6, 8 and 10A versions. The Solarix PRS range is available in 10, 15, 20 & 30A versions. The advantage of the Solarix range is that they give an indication of battery capacity.

We can provide any cabling you might need to connect these devices to your solar panels and/ or batteries.

We also manufacture our own solar powered battery charger/ desulfator devices although you can use a conventional power supply in place of the solar panel if you wish.

Our TSW devices have proven to be very effective at both desulfating and charging batteries. They rely on a relay for operation and, like any mechanical device, they will fail at some point. The relays are meant to operate some 20million times before failure which means some 230 days (theoretically although we have one which has been running for almost two years now) at an operation every second. We will keep relays in stock to provide as spares. 

These TSW devices are available as kits and can be built to order in a number of formats i.e. solar powered only, mains powered only, separate power supply only or a combination. Please enquire about built units.